Build Products


We build products that make people and communities better, more productive and happier. Our team consists of 'smart creatives' that share our vision of being a progressive company with a flat hierarchy, flexible working hours, unlimited vacations, freedom to work efficiently with zero waste and a responsibility to accomplish the mission at hand.

If this is a mission that interests you, we'd love to speak with you. Check out our hiring page.


We collaborate with individuals and organizations to bring to market products and services by sharing equity following the 3D (Design-Develop-Deliver) model.
If you have product design, development or 'Go To Market' skills to offer in exchange for equity in some of our active products in the Web, Mobile or Big-Data space, please contact us. LEARN or APPLY


We test business viability through various online testing methods to provide useful feedback to value-driven product and service offerings. We especially like to work with Benefits Corps that are focused on the Triple Bottom Line: people-planet-profit. Through our Consulting Grants, we help to design, build and deploy prototypes for products and services that are opportunistic in nature, and would otherwise not see the light of day. We do the technical due-diligence to enable you to make better investing decisions in getting your product off the ground.

To see if your organization qualifies for a Consulting Grant, please contact us. LEARN or APPLY

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