Grey Labs

Make It Happen

We are a Skill Exchange that enables mentors, students, designers, developers and industry experts to exchange their skills towards making value-driven software products happen.

We do this through our "Learn Skills" programs that teach Product Design, Development and Delivery skills and our "Build Products"  programs that build value-driven products in an ownership-based model.

For more information or to learn about a program please go to the Program Application page.


We are a partnership of software professionals with vast experience in delivering products in the Systems and Internet space. In our consulting practice, we came across a lot of clients that wanted to build opportunistic value-driven software, but did not know where to start or if there would be a market for it. Or, they just did not have the resources to fund even a prototype.  At the same time, we were finding lots of engineers and organization with strong software development skills but lacking a 'Whole Product' view.

Now we are on a mission to leverage our competency in product design, development and delivery, by creating an ownership-based Exchange where inventors, designer, developers and marketing folks could get together to make things happen as partners on their own terms.